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Welcome to Eyes On The Street

OpensignWelcome and feel free to check out our About page for a background on Eyes On The Street. Right away I think it’s important to establish what we hope to get out of this blog and this community. As a resident of Syracuse and Central New York, I believe we all basically want the same things: job security, affordable housing, quality education and safe streets. The trick is how do we make all that happen in a world that is changing by the minute?

The answer can be constructed by first identifying some basic goals. From there we can explore different strategies, steps and priorities to achieve those goals. The three goals that I believe we should all share are: economic sustainability, intergovernmental reform and neighborhood revitalization. You will see in later posts that from these three basic goals, we have the essential building blocks of a strong community.

I hope you will stick around for this journey, and I certainly welcome comments, suggestions and questions either in the comment section or by e-mail: